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Training Reviews

"I attended the Indian Head Massage course.  This was delivered very professionally, every detail had been well planned and executed.  Highly recommended." (SL)


"What a wonderful experience!  I chose to do my Swedish massage training through In The Pink!.  I've just finished and couldn't recommend highly enough!  Professional, friendly and very informative.  If you're looking to train then you can't go wrong.  Thank you for everything Wendy.  I'll be back." (CB)


"Wendy is a great teacher.  I would recommend her courses.  They're brilliant." (NR)


"I had a wonderful full body massage from a trainee and she was excellent.  I would highly recommend either their massages or training to anyone.  Superb." (DW)


"I am one of the proud ex students, and a practitioner now, and all I can say is 'thank you Wendy Hale' for opening an opportunity for me and my clients.  You taught me well and my clients are happy with my performance and services.  I took a course of Swedish massage therapy in January-April 2018.  Very well organised and professional.  Wendy is always ready to help and the platform offered online is very easy to use

The price is very balanced with the amount of knowledge and information you receive.  The experience was worth the effort." (TP)


Some more learner comments taken from their course questionnaires:


Very enjoyable with good teaching and skills shown.


The course was excellent, very enjoyable.  I hope many people get to experiencing training like I received.  It was very professional  Thank you for sharing with me.


Everything was well-presented and conducted very professionally.



Lovely environment for learning.


Wendy has a kind approach and makes it easy to learn.


Enjoyed all aspects of the course.


Really enjoyed the course.  Very well organised and it suited my style of learning.  Clear presentations, interactive questions and games.  Wendy is very supportive and always available for any questions I may have.

Wendy is lovely.  Very professional, very knowledgeable and always supportive and willing to help.


Very efficient.


Thank you very much for all your support.


Very enjoyable!  Great support.  Thank you.


Good pace - interactive.


Loved my time there.  Look forward to seeing what other courses I could do with Wendy in the future.


Wendy was very flexible to meet my needs.


Thank you.  I’ve loved it.


Really enjoyed the course.  I’m very interested in crystals and I have gained lots of knowledge that I can put to good use.  Thanks Wendy.


Variety of methods and materials used.  Interactive.


Great tutor, great materials, great environment.


Excellent course, professional approach.  Made me feel welcome and supported throughout.

Treatment Reviews

"Brilliant!  Very, very relaxing.  A great diversion from the stresses and strains of modern-day life.  Highly recommended to anyone!" (CJ)


"An oasis of calm in a hectic whirl.  So very relaxing and peaceful.  I will recommend to all.  Thank you so much." (HA)


" ... some profound experiences!  Thank you for being there when I really needed you!" (GA)


"I booked for the EFT.  This was excellent.  I was amazed at the positive feelings I had from this treatment.  I would recommend this to all.  Fantastic.  Thanks!" (PT)


"Firstly, I must admit I was sceptical but given the circumstances that I have found myself in I was willing to try anything and now very glad I came to you.  Since my first visit my wellbeing and inner-peace has improved 100%.   I found it to have been a wonderful experience.  I have no other words to explain it and consider myself to be very fortunate.  I only wish that everybody could have the opportunity to try this form of healing, it most certainly worked for me.  I will cherish 7/10/05 as it was the day my life fell back into place.  Once again, thank you for your help and understanding". (Lynne)


"Indian Head Massage - wow - so relaxing and peaceful.  Everyone should have one!!  (JH)


"A total relaxing and uplifting experience.  Been  a few times now - always different but very good.  The warmth from the hands is unbelievable.  When's my next session?" (CM)


"Thanks for the last Reiki session. I have less pain in my hip and knee. My daughter also said she feels much better, that she feels much more positive and focused." (GE)


Like many people, I was afraid of snakes, even in newspapers or magazines, or on television. I would shake if I saw one. I felt the same with worms and slow worms. I had a phobia about them, yet I loved other animals.

I went to Wendy of In The Pink where she did a treatment called ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ to work on my phobia. I then found I could watch snakes on television and could even touch images in newspaper articles.

Recently I wondered if I could touch a slow worm which had appeared in my garden. I was able to gently smooth it. Two weeks later, the slow worm appeared again and was on the concrete around my property, so I quietly picked it up and put it on the grass. I couldn’t believe it as all my life I hadn’t been able to pick up a newspaper if there was a snake photograph inside. I used to say to my husband “Why didn’t you tell me about the photograph?” That’s how bad it was. So well done Wendy.



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