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Privacy Policy


In The Pink Therapies And Training is a complementary therapy business which offers two types of service.

Firstly, we offer complementary therapies to members of the public, including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, healing, ear candling, crystal therapy, hot stones massage and Indian Head massage.

Secondly, we are a private training provider, offering training in complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, together with emergency first aid.

In line with the General Data Protection Regulations, introduced on 25 May 2018, In The Pink Therapies and Training has taken the opportunity to review and revise its privacy policy to ensure that users of our services are aware of what personal data is collected and how it is used.  

We wish to assure both clients and learners

that we only collect data which is relevant to our business dealings

that we do not send out marketing material unless clients/learners have specifically signed up for this

that we strive to maintain confidentiality

However, despite our reassurances of confidentiality, there are rare occasions when it is necessary to divulge data to another party in order to comply with UK legislation, such as

if a client or learner discloses that they are going to commit a crime

if a client or learner has a notifiable disease

if requested by a court of law

We have divided the following section into 2 categories to apply to our clients and learners respectively.


Data collected from clients will naturally be of a personal nature.  The purpose of collecting this data is to ensure our clients’ health and wellbeing with regard to treatments received. There are many reasons (contra indications) which make it unwise for treatments to go ahead or where we need to exercise caution. The data you provide will help us in making the right decision for you as an individual.

We ask for your contact details, your doctor’s contact details, your date of birth, details of operations, illnesses or conditions and general information regarding you as an individual in order to build a picture of you and to be able to offer advice on health and wellbeing.


Complementary Therapies

We ask that each learner completes an enrolment form which contains contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address), nationality, language(s) spoken and whether the learner considers himself/herself to have a condition which might impact on learning.

We collect this data for the following reasons

To register learners with the awarding body (VTCT) - certain information such as disabilities and nationality are also required by the awarding body for statistical purposes

To send learners information about courses

To send learners invoices and receipts for payment for courses

To order qualification certificates from VTCT

To provide the best service we can by meeting learners’ needs as detailed in the enrolment form eg disabilities

To return portfolios of evidence through the post, if necessary

To return marked work

The above data is only shared with the awarding body VTCT when required.

Learners’ course work is also held electronically in order to mark it and upload it to either the VTCT website or an online collaboration tool such as Google Docs.  The purpose of this is to grant access to learners’ work by our Internal Quality Assurers and our External Quality Assurer for the purposes of standardisation and quality monitoring. In these cases, the only identifiable data is that of the learner’s name.


Before embarking on a healer training course, learners are required to complete a registration form which asks for minimal data such as contact details and the course being enrolled on.  

The information is used purely for communication regarding healer training such as

sending pre-course information to learners

sending certificates to learners,

returning workbooks or assignments to learners

communicating with learners about their course

It is necessary that learners’ names are provided to The Healing Trust for the issuing of certificates, but other than that this, data is not passed to any other third party and remains with In The Pink! Therapies And Training.  


Potential Reiki learners are asked to complete the same form as used with learners of VTCT courses as we have found this form to be sufficiently comprehensive to allow us to capture contact information, conditions which might impact upon learning and possible language barriers.  This information is not shared with any third party.

There are occasions when potential learners approach In The Pink Therapies And Training via The Reiki Federation website and on these occasions the only personal data we receive is an email address.  

Continuing Professional Development

Our CPD opportunities are accredited by the Federation Of Holistic Therapists.  A similar version of the VTCT enrolment form is required to be completed. The information provided is used

to send learners information about courses

to send learners invoices and receipts for payment for courses

to post certificates (where required)

to provide the best service we can by meeting learners’ needs as detailed in the enrolment form eg disabilities

to return marked work (where required)


All learners are asked to sign the enrolment form which gives In The Pink! Therapies And Training permission to store and use personal data for the purpose of training.


Learners and clients wishing to receive our newsletter will need to opt in via the online form on our website.  If these are no longer wanted, there is an unsubscribe button at the end of the email.  Newsletters are sent out via Mailchimp and you can find their privacy policy on their website, www.  Learners may also like and follow In The Pink Therapies And Training’s social media sites (eg Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). On these occasions the only personal data available to us is a name. Users of these services have to opt in to be able to follow In The Pink Therapies And Training’s posts.


The data we hold has, and must, be given to us voluntarily and we promise never to contact individuals who have not given us this data voluntarily.

Your data may be stored either electronically or written.  Written data is stored securely in a locked filing cabinet and electronic data is password protected.  If you wish to see the data we hold about you please make a written request and we will action this as quickly as possible.

We do not:

share data with businesses other than our awarding organisations

research data on clients or learners

acquire data from third parties

send out marketing material (unless clients/learners have specifically signed up for this)

Removal Of Data

In The Pink Therapies And Training is registered with the following organisations


The Federation Of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

NFSH The Healing Trust

The Complementary And Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

The Reiki Federation

Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers

In accordance with the requirements of these organisations, data will be kept for a period of 10 years which covers the criteria for NFSH The Healing Trust (7 years), FHT (10 years) and CNHC (8 years)  following our last contact before being shredded.  In the case of a child, data will be kept indefinitely.


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