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Complementary therapies can help with a range of physical and emotional problems including stress, tension, insomnia, headaches, hormone imbalance, aches and pains.  


The number of sessions required is not fixed.  You may need time between sessions to 'adapt' and consider your next move.  You may wish to receive sessions on a weekly or monthly basis.  You are under no obligation.  


Therapies currently on offer are as follows.


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - Bathe in the energies of rose quartz crystals as essential oils tailored to your individual needs are massaged into your body, melting away stress and promoting healing on a physical and emotional level.  Includes dry body brushing prior to massage.   Full body - £32, Back, neck and shoulders (dry body brushing not included) - £22


SWEDISH MASSAGE - A deeper massage to tone, release tension, improve mobility and improve the circulation of blood and lymph.  Full body - £30, Back, neck and shoulders - £20


HOT STONES MASSAGE - A full body massage using warmed basalt stones to relax the muscles and promote a state of wellbeing.  The warm stones are comforting as they melt away stress and tension, soothe the soul and promote deep relaxation. Full body - £40, Back £26


GERARD'S BAMBOO MASSAGE - A full body massage using natural bamboo and bamboo cream oil to improve circulation of blood and lymph and penetrate the tissues more deeply than Swedish massage.  £40


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - Includes massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face.  Has been known to be particularly effective for stress, tension headaches, insomnia, mental fatigue and sinusitis. £25


THERMAL AURICULAR THERAPY (ear candling) - Includes facial massage and candles. £30


PRIADARA THAI HERBAL COMPRESS MASSAGE - Herbal heat compresses containing over 14 traditional Thai herbs combined with Eastern massage techniques provide a blissful traditional yet modern body treatment, which purifies, relaxes, relieves aches and pains, improves skin condition and stimulates the senses. £40


REIKI- Relax in a crystal grid as Reiki healing energies balance mind, body and soul, stimulate the body's own natural healing ability, relieve pain and reduce stress levels. £30


HEALING (20 mins) - Sit in a chair or lie on a treament couch to receive the healing energies which stimulate your body's own natural healing ability. £10


CRYSTAL HEALING - Achieve a state of blissful relaxation as crystals selected for their therapeutic benefits are placed on or around the body to restore the body's natural balance. £30


REFLEXOLOGY - A foot massage which incorporates work on reflexes on the feet which correspond to organs and parts of the body.  Very relaxing, eases tension and promotes a feeling of wellbeing whilst helping with conditions such as insomnia, migraine, infertility and digestive problems.  £30


THAI FOOT MASSAGE - This treatment uses a Thai foot stick and the hands to work on the feet and lower legs.  It is a very relaxing yet invigorating treatment which aims to balance the body and encourage good health. £30


TASTER TREATMENTS (20 mins) - Does not include Hot Stone Massage or Priadara Thai Herbal Compress Massage. £15

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